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The EPN is a group of independent photojournalists, who are interested in taking pictures, either still or video, for remuneration, publishing or just their own pleasure.  What ties them together is communication, either by pagers, cell phones or the biggest asset, their radio system.  This system, as of Spring of 2007, covers from Ventura, Los Angeles area and south, Angeles N.F. to San Bernardino and parts of Riverside County.  In the future Kern County and the High Desert will also be added.

The radio system that is used was paid for, in advance, by two of the board members.  Their main interest is to use the system in a very professional manner with just basic guidelines.  There is also an electronic bulletin board that informs members of emergencies such as fires, traffic accidents, earthquakes, or any news worthy events.

There is a Board of Directors (BOD), comprised of the founding members, who oversee operations of the EPN. 

The membership is comprised of people from various walks of life including The Fire Service, Law Enforcement, and Professional Photojournalists, along with some instructors in the above fields.

The dues paid by the EPN Members are used exclusively for the use of the radio system.

As two of the founding members have said:
“We want to go ut and take good pictures, in a safe and professional manner, share them with each other and have them published. At the end of the day, we enjoy a good dinner together and then get home safely.”

Courtesy Lloyd Payne